Dovetail drawer boxes have long been considered one of the hallmarks of quality cabinet construction. You can order our boxes with confidence that the high quality of our boxes will be consistent with the quality of your cabinets. They’re available in a variety of solid wood species as well as Baltic Birch plywood.

   * 1/2  or  5/8  thick  sides.
   * Drawer bottoms in  1/4”  or  1/2”  thickness.
   * Notched and drilled for  undermount guides.
   * Square or rounded top edges.
   * Front scoops for roll-outs.
   * Custom drilling to attach drawer  fronts.
   * Pre-installed hardware clips.
   * Clear lacquer finish.

   Our dovetails are machined on a new  Omec  750cn   CNC dovetailer. Computerized
dovetailing enables us to make any height drawer box with dovetails evenly spaced top
to bottom, and to use progressively larger pins as the box gets taller, giving a better
proportioned, stronger joint. Roll over the small photo at right for a closeup of the range available to us. We can also do chevron boxes to fit into a corner cabinet. Quality features include  all top edges flush with each other,  and bottoms glued into the groove all the way around.

   Our clear coat finish employs the latest technology in water-borne, clear lacquer coatings. The Valspar product we’re using passes all KCMA performance standards, is low in VOC, HAPS-free, contains no formaldehyde or isocyanates and is GreenGuard Indoor Air Quality certified.
   We’re applying this coating with the high efficiency Kremlin Xcite Airmix spray system modified specifically for water-borne applications.

Dovetail Drawer Boxes