* Standard door frames width is 2 1/4”.  
* Standard Five Piece Drawer Front frames have 2 ¼” stiles and 1 ½” top & bottom rails.
* Flat Panel Drawer Fronts are available with vertical or horizontal grain direction. Please
   specify when ordering.
* Raised panel doors over 24” wide automatically include a center mullion. Doors over 50” tall    automatically Include a center rail. Add 15.00/door
* Slab doors and slab drawer fronts are billed at 1 square foot minimum. Drawer slabs over 1 ½    Sq. Ft. billed the same as slab doors.
* Five piece doors and five piece drawer fronts are billed at 2 square feet minimums.
* Drill for concealed hinges: .75/hole  (35mm, hole center 3” from ends).
* Route for finger pulls: .75/route  (4” long, 2 1/4” from edge, or full width).
* Wainscot Panels: regular door price + 4.00/sq ft. This includes any size and quantity of panels    and any combination of stile and rail widths.
* Square walnut pegs on door or drawer front: 8.00/door or front.
* The following dimension restrictions apply only to Raised Panel doors and fronts:
      * Smallest raised panel drawer front height is 6” (leaves 5/8” wide raised area).
      * Narrowest raised panel door width is 7 ½”. Doors can be made narrower by using          narrower stiles. Be sure to leave stiles wide enough to accommodate hinge holes.
* Available options include:
      Door thickness up to 1 1/8”.
      Any width stiles and rails.
      Drilling for hinges.
      Routing for finger pulls (left, right or full width).
      Square walnut pegs on door or drawer fronts.
      Wainscot panels and Panel Ends.


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