Being a local door supplier we can provide a level of service that out of the area suppliers simply can’t. Rush doors done quickly, customer change-orders processed immediately, add-on doors shipped along with the original order instead of shipped later, unusual customer requests accommodated, sample doors on request. When you phone our business you’ll be talking to someone who’s in a position to make things happen. We’re committed to providing responsive and personal service. That’s what you give your customers, that’s what we give you.

Quality Construction:

  At Puget Sound Doors every door is built to the highest standard of quality. Starting with our materials, we have stringent standards our wood suppliers must adhere to or we purchase our materials elsewhere. Each part of every door is evaluated before assembly. We have several inspection points during the manufacturing process to reject any door that fails to meet our standard

We employ heavy duty, production machinery made specifically for door manufacturing. Our                                    door frame profiles are cut using state of the art, stacked insert tooling to                                    provide quality cut profiles with precision fits to ensure consistency from door                                    to door, and job to job. Our raised panels are profiled on a machine                                    specifically made for that purpose. Our door outside edges are cut using a                                    machine that was custom built to ensure every door is perfectly square and                                    accurately dimensioned.

Some of our quality features include:
      * Pin free frame construction. Doors are glued and clamped with
         600 lbs. pressure in a rotating door clamping machine.
      * Flat plywood panels are glued all around to eliminate panel rattles.
      * Raised panels consist of a combination of 3” and 5” wide staves
         so there’s no unsightly narrow boards.
      * Raised panel doors employ spaceballs to accommodate panel
         expansion and contraction.
      * Every Door goes through a specific squaring/sizing operation.
All doors are finished sanded to 180 grit and given a final quality inspection before being
         released for shipment.

Quality Service: